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We offer durable and superior quality modular switches at an affordable price. Our products are widely popular among various hotels, builders and developers in Chennai. These are best suited for today's fast changing lifestyle to match the decor of your premises. Available in various shapes & sizes, call us for more details today.

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure. Its multi-polarity, ability to leverage its global knowledge to customize its offerings locally and providing end-to-end solutions across categories and sectors, makes it a preferred partner across segments.

Today, globalization is changing lifestyles and customers are asking for more smarter and sleeker solutions. Strengthening the brand philosophy of "Listen, Design, Make, Support" and responding to these requirements of the market, Legrand has introduced several smart innovative solutions to address their needs.In India, Legrand has been a leader in the protection business for the last four decades with a wide range of circuit breakers and distribution boards.

Taking advantage of this strong position and the expertise of the group, Legrand India has progressively developed additional product ranges like wiring devices, home automation, door entry, lighting management system, cable management and structured cabling to its product offer.

With an employee base of over 1000 in India, the company is fast emerging as a leader in its core business by extending products and services that suit every segment in the local market Legrand products and services comply with the three criteria of simplicity of use, simplicity of installation and simplicity of distribution. The distribution network of over 600 stockists and 6000 retailers enables Legrand (India) to quickly penetrate new market and product segments

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MK Electric has been operating in India for over two decades, and is the leading player in the wiring devices and accessories market.

MK has been delivering electrical connectivity and safety since 1919 and is the world’s foremost manufacturer of electrical and data connectivity products and solutions. MK benefits is a pioneer in the field with several innovations to its credit, and an established reputation for the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability.

We design many products that help conserve energy, reduce waste and protect homes and offices. We help other companies become more efficient and productive with our products and solutions.

We intend to continue developing products and technologies that improve efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

MK Electric
MK Electric is a leading player in the wiring devices and accessories market. MK Electric has been delivering electrical connectivity and safety since 1919 and is the world’s foremost manufacturer of electrical and data connectivity products and solutions.
A pioneer in the field, Honeywell ED&S has established a reputation for the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability.
Environmental Management Systems
We are committed to manage health, safety and environment as a core business value to ensure compliance with all applicable government standards and r...

MK Sentry
MK Sentry is a comprehensive range of MCB, RCCB, Isolators and Distribution Boards that meets the electrical distribution and protection requirement for Homes, Offices and Commercial installations.

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For the last five decades, Anchor has captivated the minds of the prosaic and the prolific with its wide range of quality electrical switches and accessories. It is also India’s only electrical “SuperBrand” in this particular segment of the electrical industry and the amassed popularity has simply made it a synonym for a switch nationally. Empowered by the technological proficiency from Panasonic, it has constantly endeavored to deliver simplistic solutions for the residential and commercial premises.

Innovation and Designing Excellence is what Anchor has been bringing straight to the home and business premises right from 1963. In the year 1976, it gave the nation its first Piano Switch. Be it Ave Sistema 44 at the helm of the luxury modular, Vision with technological excellence Woods and Roma Viola with stupefying finish in the premium modular, its aim to deliver the best has enabled it to constantly occupy the ‘Numero Uno’ position for Switch manufacturing excellence in India. With several brands like Roma, Roma Allure, Rider and Penta, it has hallmarked its position straight to the heart of the nation. Its accessories range includes a wide variety of Door Bells, Spike Guards, Flexi cords, Plug Tops and Multi plugs.

The ability to bring a sense of security, quality and affordability drives Anchor to bring not just products but simplistic solutions that change for the better, suiting the customer’s requirements..

Ave Touch

Ave Touch is the first Feather-Touch switches and accessories range that is introduced in India. An epitome of designing excellence, this luxurious range adds to the glory of the plush interiors. The ‘Ave Touch’ plate is a crystal plate sensitive to the lightest touch of your finger and can mesmerize your senses with its ingenious finish. The switch and its accessories add to the elegance of the interiors. Sense the magic of feather-touch with Ave Touch and redefine luxury!


Range comprises of switches and accessories with exquisite craftsmanship and unique design to suit the décor of plush residential and commercial interiors.
The Touch range is manufactured from back-painted toughened glass.
The range also includes symbols for specific light control for the residential and commercial interiors.
Accessories available in Black and White
Range available in 2, 3, 4 & 7 modules touch.

Designer Plates

modular switches

Panasonic Vision The ‘Panasonic Vision’ series of switches and accessories is the newest range of premium modular switches and the first range in switches and accessories introduced by Panasonic. It has evolved with the three unique concepts of Safety, Comfort and Design. For the first time Panasonic has introduced this Screwless terminal range of switches for safer & faster wiring, comfort of the soft touch along with silent switch operation and innovative design with White and Silver X Black combination blending with the modern interior décor.


Screwless Terminals for faster, simpler and safer wiring
Specially textured surface with Matte Finish and sleek plate design
Silent performance due to smaller rotation angle of the switch
Available in White and Black & Silver Combination.
Easily removable laminated covering for Switches that stay operational even in the laminated state. In case
tarnished during painting, the laminated covering can be removed easily, preserving the elegant look of the switch.
Inner metal plate for preventing warpage
Blue LED locator for locating the device in the dark.
Structure to enhance strength

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Our belief is very simple. Make a great product and the client will be happy, as the result should speak for itself. We believe a successful design is achieved by understanding the user’s objective and working towards it to the fullest so that the benefit it will bring to life is priceless.

is recalling these vehicles because the ignition switch torque performance may not meet GM specifications. If the torque performance is not to specification, and the key ring is carrying added weight or the vehicle goes off road or experiences some other jarring event, the ignition switch may inadvertently be moved out of the “run” position.

Havells India Limited is a $1.3 Billion leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company with a strong global footprint. Havells enjoys enviable market dominance across a wide spectrum of products, including Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Devices, Cables & Wires, Motors, Pumps, Fans, Modular Switches, Home Appliances, Electric Water Heaters, Power Capacitors, CFL Lamps, Luminaires for Domestic, Commercial and industrial Applications.

Havells in 2007 created history by acquiring world’s renowned lighting company Sylvania thus registering itself amongst top 4 lighting companies in the world. Today, Havells owns some of the most prestigious global brands like Havells, Crabtree, Sylvania, Concord, Luminance and Standard. Its global network constitutes of 6500 professionals across 91 branches & representative offices in over 50 countries. Its 11 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in India located at Haridwar, Baddi, Noida, Sahibabad, Faridabad, Alwar, Neemrana and 7 world class manufacturing plants located in Europe, Latin America, Africa & China are manufacturing globally acclaimed products, synonymous with excellence and precision in the electrical industry.

A 20000 strong global distribution network continuously strives to set new benchmarks in prompt delivery and service to customers – powering their smiles like none other electrical brand in the country. Further to this the company pioneered the concept of exclusive brand showroom in the electrical industry with ‘Havells Galaxy’. Today over 210 Havells Galaxies across the country are helping customers, both domestic and commercial, to choose from a wide variety of products for different applications. Havells became the first FMEG Company to offer door step service via its initiative ‘Havells Connect’. Thanks to the quality of products and quicker service, it has minimum customer complaints and highest customer satisfaction.

Havells alongwith its brands, have earned the distinction of being the preferred choice of electrical products for discerning individuals and industrial consumers both in India and abroad. Havells offers same quality products for both Indian and international markets. Havells products & processes have acquired a number of International quality certifications, like BASEC, CSA, KEMA, CB, CE, ASTA, CPA, SEMKO, SIRIUM (Malaysia), SPRING (Singapore), TSE (Turkey), SNI (Indonesia) and EDD (Bahrain) – thus complying with stringent quality norms at even the most testing markets, worldwide. It is committed to keep powering the world with its state-of-the-art innovations and energy-efficient solutions. Currently 70% of its product offering is energy efficient.

Social and environmental responsibility has been at the forefront of Havells operating philosophy and as a result the company consistently contributes to socially responsible activities. For instance, the company is providing mid-day meal in government schools in Alwar district, covering 35000 students per day. Besides this company has acquired land for constructing a larger kitchen with all the modern facilities to serve freshly cooked food to 35000 students in the area. The group company, QRG Healthcare runs a 140 bed hospital in Faridabad and will soon launch another 450 bed hospital in Faridabad by end of the year. In the past, the company has generously contributed to the society during various national calamities like the Bihar Flood, Tsunami and Kargil National Relief Fund etc.

The essence of Havells’ success lies in the expertise of its fine team of professionals, strong relationships with associates and the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently, coupled with the vision to always think ahead.

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Switches are like silent partners in our day to day lives. They brighten our lives with just a simple push and bring in darkness with a small flip. We barely notice them, but they play an important role in our daily routine. Imagine what if switches were not invented, how would we turn the lights on and off with a simple push or flip! It would practically be impossible to switch on electrical appliances and leaving kids alone at home would have been risky. A secured life at home would just remain a dream. To know more about switches, here is a small insight on the device that was invented for the safety of mankind.

The scientific definition of a switch is: It is an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit, interrupting or diverting the current from one conductor to another. The most common switch used by all is a manually operated electromechanical device. This device has one or more sets of electrical contacts and are connected to external circuits. They are usually in two states,either closed or open. When they are in closed state the contacts touch each other leading to a free flow of electricity. When these conductors are in open state, the contacts do not touch each other, and this breaks the flow of electricity.

These switches differ in the ability of their voltage bearing capacity. For heavy electrical appliances like refrigerators, water heaters etc., switches with high voltage bearing capacity are needed. Switches with low voltage bearing capacity are ideal for basic electrical appliances like fans, table fans, hair dryers etc. These switches have an earthing wire attached to it for the safety of the users. This wire takes the excess current to the ground, causing zero harm or shock threats to the users.

It is necessary to fix these switches at a moderate height from the ground level, so the kids don’t directly insert their fingers inside the socket. Electricity is free flowing inside the socket which makes it risky especially for the kids. This device is well designed for the safety and convenience of the users in their day today lives.

These days switches come in various shapes, size and colours. People match these switches according to the interiors of their house. Polycab has introduced a wide range of quality designer switches to suit various electrical requirements.

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Switch to safe living
Lifestyle modular switches with protective technology
Living safely, round the clock

Our lives run on gadgets and appliances. With so much to do in a day, we want things to work effortlessly and safely, be it an appliance or the switchboard it is plugged into. No matter who uses it, an adult or a four year old, you want the assurance that you and your loved ones are safe. Lets spend less time worrying and more time living.

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